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DoorHelper specialists will professionally install, as well as repair locks and doors of all types. Craftsmen are highly qualified and have accumulated vast experience, so they provide comprehensive services for the maintenance of locking systems of all designs, including the latest models. We have been working in Toronto and GTA since 2011.

Entrance Door Repair

Over time, various problems may arise with the entrance doors, and this can happen both in houses built still by the old technology, and relatively newly built. Situations where door repairs are needed can vary. For example, to close the door became necessary to apply a certain force, the door leaf began to grind the threshold, worn out hinges, the lock bolts do not coincide with the holes in the door frame. In such cases, without the services of our experts you can not do without. Regardless of the reason of door repair (incorrect exploitation or construction wear and tear), first of all we make a diagnosis to detect faults and after that we proceed to repair it.

If there was an attempted intrusion of intruders into the apartment, then after that, as a rule, it is necessary to do the repair of metal doors and restore its protective functions. This case is more complicated, because the criminals can cause damage to the door leaf or frame when breaking in. For example, cutting out a local section of the metal covering the door lock to gain access to its mechanism and break into the door.

This barbaric method is used by the intruders when they are not able to open the lock in a less labor-intensive way. But, even after such damage, the door can be restored. The integrity of the structure is restored with welding equipment, after installation of new locks and replacement of the finish.

It often happens that after a long or improper use of the metal entrance door, its frame is no longer tight to the door opening and, as a consequence, begins to "hang out" in it. In such cases, to make repairs to the door, you should:

Strengthen their frame. To do this, use a perforator to drill new holes in the ends of the doorway for steel pins.
A metal frame is welded to the installed pins. Depending on the degree of weakening of the old fixing, the required number of new fixing points for the frame is determined.
In addition to strengthening the metal door frame, it may be necessary to install additional metal protection on the door lock bolts. This protection will not allow intruders attempting to break into an apartment and hammer the locking bars in the door.

Correct door repair

In order to repair the metal door, it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the breakage, to find the cause of the incorrect operation of the door leaf, door lock, handles and other fittings. The cause, as a rule, we find the method of elimination and make repairs.

The faster to establish and eliminate the cause of the malfunctioning front door, the less likely that will need a complete lock replacement or more complicated repairs. If you have a desire to change the appearance of the entrance door and to increase heat and noise insulation, we offer door repair using MDF panels, bunks, soft dermantin etc.

Thanks to this repair you can not only change the appearance of the door, but also significantly improve its sound and heat insulation properties. Whatever the reason you want to replace the entrance metal door, do not hurry with making a decision, consult with a specialist who can offer you the best solution to the problem with your door. Quality repair doors are usually much cheaper than full replacement.

In conclusion a few words

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