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If you have a new member on your staff, it's easy to share all your business contacts. Or if you need to transfer contact data from one account to another, Smart Contact Manager can do it in a single click, synchronizes all data, provides the ability to manage access rights and also has a nice design.

Software Development

The development of specialized software on the market allows the application of fundamentally new methods of equipment management. Thus, medical devices, measuring equipment and control panels at the enterprises of heavy machinery are fully controlled by the programs.

Such approach reduces the probability of errors caused by "human factor", improves productivity and quality of work in all spheres. To be successful, software products must be properly implemented and adapted to production.

Methodologies and Technology

The first step on the way to obtain effective software - is to make a clear statement of work, which in future will be the basis of the project documentation.

After that it is necessary to prepare the methodological documents and templates, according to which the individual functions of the new program will be realized. For example, if you are developing your own electronic document management system (CRM), each department makes its own suggestions for improvement and additional functions. The regulatory framework brings uniformity to the requirements of all departments of the enterprise.

Initial versions of the created software are thoroughly tested by a group of employees to identify bugs, unstable system, and logical errors. After that the first version of the product is ready to work.

As a rule, a new program is introduced in parallel with the decommissioning of the previous product. It is necessary for complete transfer of a database from one system to another, and also allows the employees to master a new system. In manufacturing enterprises, new software products are most often introduced during a seasonal break in work.

Software for the Internet

Ensuring the stable operation of the server in the organization requires the use of special programs related to the service. Most often the configuration of applications performs system administrator or an invited specialist.

The most important programs for the operation of the server include:

MySQL - application for server to work with databases. On its basis, the majority of modern CRM, from SAP to 1C.
phpMyAdmin - application working with scripts written in php. With the help of it the interactive exchange of data with the server of e-mail, work with corporate and private messengers.
Apache Web-server - an application for the correct display of documents and images on the Internet.

Depending on the specifics of the enterprise, the server can be installed additional software: factories require equipment monitoring systems, PR-agencies provide the server with additional means of communication.

The process and stages of software development

Development of the specification of the application. At this stage the requirements are coordinated to the software, which combines the users' needs and the possibilities of the equipment.
Design of the future application. This is an intermediate stage between the requirement specification and actual programming. As a rule, at this stage, prototypes of the most important functions of the future program are run.
Programming and testing. The process of writing the code text in a particular language, as well as testing its workability.
Integration and implementation of the software product. The tested application is customized according to the company's requirements, integrated with the rest of the applications, and users start to use it on a daily basis.
Maintenance. The successful operation of the program in the future requires constant maintenance, installation of updates, as well as the correction of arising errors.

In conclusion a few words

Smart Contact Manager is a team of experienced professionals, for whom custom software development is not just a source of income, but an activity in which every team member is interested, which motivates us to constantly develop, improve and perfect our products. We are happy to present our company and our products on this site. We hope that all interested people will benefit from it.